Career Detail

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Assistant Specialist, Cyber Security

Main purpose
  • Monitor and analyze daily security events to identify threats
  • Review and guide security configurations across the company
  • Identify and follow through security mitigations plans from start to finish
  • Identify latest vulnerabilities, risks on software and hardware and implement the appropriate patches and controls
  • Suggest different defence strategies against identified risks

Secure the network by building, implementing and operationally supporting security efforts throughout the network, ranging from large scale DDoS, detection, security tool selection and mitigation, defence against internal and external attacks.

Job Description
  • Identifying vulnerabilities in our current network.
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive plan to secure our computing network.
  • Monitoring network usage to ensure compliance with security policies.
  • Keeping up to date with developments in network and IT security standards and threats.
  • Performing penetration tests to find any flaws.
  • Collaborating with network and the IT department to improve security.
  • Documenting any security breaches and assessing their damage.
  • Educating colleagues about security software and best practices for information security.
  • Conduct group security awareness training for staff and circulate awareness newsletters
  • Maintain international standard requirements for ISO 27001, ISO 22301 & PCI DSS
  • Evaluate and test new vendor and in-house network initiatives for security issues
  • Mentor and evangelize security practices through cross functional work with engineering teams throughout Infonas
  • Keep Infonas safe through active operation and defines of critical network infrastructure
  • Involved network efforts to mitigate and investigate security incidents
  • Monitor security access and report suspicious activity to a higher level or team members
  • Continues monitoring and mitigating risks in collaboration with the SOC team
  • 3+ years of experience in offensive/defensive security, or systems engineering
  • Knowledge of network protocols (TCP/IP, computer networking, routing and switching), and Unix based systems
  • Experience researching, building and implementing defensive security systems that are used against internal and external attack vectors
  • Experience designing and building out application and network security monitoring to aid in detection or forensic investigations
  • Development experience in at least one programming language (Python, Go, etc.) with experience applying that to security tool development, automation and overall programmatic solutions that will be used to defend infrastructure
  • Bachelors of science B.Sc
  • Cyber security professional certification (CEH, CISSP, CCNA Security, CHFI, etc.)

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