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Main purpose

Performs complex professional work in systems development and integrations.

Scope of the Job

Develops applications and systems for varied projects for internal and external customers while adhering to the company Information Security policies and procedures.

Main tasks & responsibilities
  • Develop applications including web based and operating systems scripts
  • Be responsible for maintaining application code and databases
  • Use Version Control to maintain historic changes
  • Assess and plan integrations of core equipment information into applications (including web based).
  • Perform updates to developed applications
  • Provide 1-on-1 or group training for applications
  • Provide regular and ad-hoc progress reports
  • Utilize native AWS services to deploy Serverless applications
  • Review and assess deployed applications for improvements
  • Include security planning and implement/incorporate appropriate security measures and controls for systems under development
  • Implement all security requirements as required in the Information Security policies and industry best practices.
  • Prepare appropriate documentation such as operational, maintenance, backup, and restoration procedures.
Problem solving & decision making
  • Handles problems associated with:

    • Meeting specific deadlines; conversion of business processes into automated processes
    • Resolving bugs in the applications
    • Alter the application in progress to support differing business requirements.
    • Dependent on specific needs of the end user
  • Is required to take decisions independently in connection with:

    • Decide the methodology used in the design and development of the application.
    • Sequence of sub-projects.
Key Competencies
  • Skills

    • Project Management skills. Inc. Timelines / resource planning. Clear communication and monitoring
    • Trainer/coaching skills. Able to identify the most appropriate learning solution for the end user. Prepare, deliver and check that the transfer of knowledge and skills has taken place
    • Experience writing e-commerce applications (such as secure checkouts, order processing automation)
    • Writing systems automation software.
  • Knowledge

    • Experience of a rapid application development framework like Django, Symfony, CakePHP, etc
    • Hands on experience programming languages such as Python, PHP, NodeJS, Java, Javascript, etc
    • Familiarity with Angular is a plus
    • Good operating knowledge of databases and integration to applications (including web-based)
    • Research capabilities to identify and resolve technical issues
    • Good working knowledge of core business processes
    • Code version control such as Git
  • Behavior

    • Self-driven, results oriented and positive
    • Keeps abreast of changes in technology and stays up to date
    • Identifies and voice issues that may harm the business
Experience, education & qualifications
  • 3 plus years of experience in working with Linux-like OS, Frameworks, and Web Applications.
  • Open source workflow experience
Working conditions
  • Physical demands

    • Standard working hours
    • Spending long working hours sitting and using office equipment such as computers, which can cause muscle strain.
    • Remote troubleshooting for issues with public facing application services
    • Work nights for tight deadline or production functionality issue resolution
  • Environmental conditions

    • Working in normal office environment
  • Sensory demands

    • Spending long working hours in intense concentration
  • Mental demands

    • There are a number of deadlines associated with this position, which may cause significant stress.
    • Dealing with a variety of people on numerous issues

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