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Specialist, Network Deployment

Main purpose

To participate in the deployment of all customer/project orders for network installations and hardware both at On-Net and Off-Net sites.

Scope of the Job
  • Ensure quality installation and deployment of Company’s network equipment.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot the network as required.
  • Provide Layer-1 support to NOC for troubleshooting of various circuits.
  • Fiber splicing, termination and OTDR testing.
  • Provide basic support for PBX systems for customers.
  • Structured cabling in Datacenters and customer sites.
  • Provisioning of AC and DC power in datacenters including cable pulling and termination.
  • Configuration of Microwave radios and antenna alignment.
Main Tasks & Responsibilities
  • Plans network installations by studying customer orders; gathering equipment, supplies, materials, tools and assessing installation site.
  • Inspection of assembled equipment, to ensure proper installation.
  • Test and troubleshoot equipment for proper operation.
  • Interact with team members & Manager during field installations and projects as required.
  • Clearly and professionally interact with customers during commissioning of the circuits.
  • Able to determine tools and equipment required to perform scope of job.
  • Perform routine maintenance on equipment as scheduled by the manager.
  • Assemble, align, and install equipment, as necessary.
  • Provide support in Layer-1 troubleshooting in case of service faults at customer sites.
  • Cabling and termination of both telecommunications and power cables within datacenters and across building, following the cabling standards.
  • Cabling and deploying equipment at customer locations following the standards.
  • Deployment and Installation of Radio/Microwave antennas at building rooftops following the standards.
  • Maintain company assets (equipment, tools and vehicles used in the implementation of any works) up to standards.
  • Fill in Job orders and reports to document the tasks performed at customer sites.
  • Installation of PBX hardware internally and to external customers.
  • Fiber splicing and termination.
Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Handles problems associated with:
    • Network installations and deployment issues.
Key Competencies
  • Skills

    • Technical troubleshooting and reverse engineering abilities.
    • Detail oriented and well organized.
    • Able to handle heavy and delicate equipment.
    • Advanced knowledge in Telecom operations support.
  • Knowledge

    • Firm understanding of Network Fundamentals.
    • Firm knowledge of understanding electrical framework.
    • Microwave radios.
  • Behavior

    • Able to work for long periods unsupervised.
    • Procedural thinking.
    • High Customer – Quality Focus.
Experience, Education & Qualifications
  • A degree or Diploma in telecom/electrical related field is required for this role.
  • 2-3 years of experience in dealing with telecoms equipment, pulling cables, fiber splicing and PBX systems etc.
  • CCNA certification is an advantage.
  • Network Fundamentals.
Working conditions
  • Physical demands

    • Digital dexterity and hand/eye coordination in operation of office equipment.
    • Lifting and carrying of supplies, files and product (up to 125 Lbs.) etc.
    • Ability to speak to and hear customers and/or other employees via phone or in person.
    • Body motor skills sufficient to enable incumbent to move from one office location to another.
  • Environmental conditions

    • Mostly work outdoor and constantly going on site visits.
  • Sensory demands

    • Can be called in at any time after working hours.
    • Directly required to deal with customers.
  • Mental demands

    • Directly dealing with customers.
    • Required to write site survey reports and email communication.

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