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News Detail

Infonas Selects Cataworx Pre-Sales Automation Platform for their Wholesale Data Connectivity Services

Atlanta, Georgia: Cataworx Inc., a telecommunications software technology vendor, is proud to announce their selection as a technology provider to Infonas W.L.L., a leading global telecommunications service and cloud provider offering local and international telecommunication services throughout the Middle East.

Infonas W.L.L., a leading global telecommunications service and cloud provider is proud to announce their selection to leverage its sales processes and activity through software technology vendor Cataworx and its flagship automation commercial interaction platform.

Infonas has selected the Cataworx Pre-Sales Platform to automate their sales activities. The Cataworx platform provides Infonas’ customers and wholesale partners with a secure, self-service platform for searching Infonas’ on-net service catalog, reviewing service details, availability and receiving instant online quotes. Cataworx pre-sales automation platform offers a bot-driven collaboration environment based on natural language and artificial intelligence where Infonas’ sales teams can interact with customers and wholesale partners using state-of-the-art private chat rooms. By migrating their current processes to the Cataworx pre-sales automation platform, Infonas will accelerate their time-to-quote by up to 10x while also eliminating the use of email or phone communication for exchanging sales information with their customers. Infonas’ customers will have the ability to interact with the Cataworx Chatbot, Catabot, which instantly fulfills their intent-driven requests for product searches, service availability, quoting and more.

“We had a great experience working with Infonas last year as one of the Carriers participating in our MEF18 Proof-of-Concept,” said Brian Hedstrom, Co-Founder and CEO. “Our success at MEF18, winning the silver award for our Automated Commercial Interactions technology solution, has carried forward to our engagement with Infonas as a technology provider for Lifecycle Service Orchestration.” Adolfo Perez-Duran, Co-Founder and CTO, said: “The technology landscape in the B2B connectivity space is shifting at an unprecedented rate. We remain committed to keeping up with the latest technologies in order to enable our customers’ success. Our mission is to deliver automation solutions that enable great customer experience, greater visibility and flexible business models to technology leaders such as Infonas.”

Cataworx has the unique set of capabilities that allow us to automate sales & commercial workflow processes, lead management and pre-sales interaction with other service providers. It ultimately helps Infonas to efficiently and rapidly deliver and procure secure connectivity to any location around the world,” stated Liam Hunt, Global Business Director at Infonas. “This latest partnership empowers us by transforming and evolving our commercial interactions.”