Vision & Mission

Infonas Mission and vision

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of Next Generation Services and an integral part of the Bahrain Vision2030 in becoming the technology hub throughout the Middle East region and around the globe

Our Mission

To enable governments, public and private sector organizations globally to focus on fulfilling their vision and accomplishing their mission by providing them tailored next generation telecommunications and ICT services.

Our Values

  • Customer and partner care: our customers and partners are the essence of our identity and are the purpose of our existence.

  • Integrity and ethics: We communicate with our employees and customers in a clear and transparent manner. Infonas believes in the importance of being ethical, consistent, and fair in our dealings with all parties, on all levels, at all times.

  • Involved: we believe that great companies are built by great teams, we always encourage our employees to take the extra mile and unleash their creativity and skills, whether it is within their role or not, a positive change is always welcomed.

  • Innovation: we encourage our employees to innovate and help the company set trends for its clients to leap into the future.

  • Equality and respect: Our employees are our backbone. We ensure there is no discrimination, and everyone is treated equally and with respect.

Why choose us

Our Mission is to help you achieve your vision
  • Connectivity

    We offer connectivity solutions to enterprises of all sizes.

  • Voice

    We provide voice services using our state of the art infrastructure to ensure you get the best call quality

  • Support
    Premium Support

    Our Technical Assitance Center is available 24/7/365

  • AI
    Artificial Intelligence

    Transform your data into insights

  • Consulting
    Cloud Consulting

    We can help you from the inception of your cloud journey to its completion

  • Migration
    Migrate to cloud

    Our team of certified engineers can migrate your infrastructure to cloud

  • Managed Ops
    Managed Services

    We can manage, monitor, and operate your cloud infrastructure 24/7/365

  • Serverless

    Custom application development to take advantage of cloud native services