Marketing Automation

Transform your data into insights

Infonas has partnered up with Neumann which is an analytical, decision-making AI platform that empowers companies to turn all their data into insights and actions.

Segment your customers

  • Define target market/audience and competitors
  • Understand market trends and improving brand and product positioning
  • Craft appropriate products and services to enhance customer experience and retention
  • Proactively acting as a virtual marketeer for the target market
  • Predict the business outcomes
  • Simulate strategies to improve the business bottom line

Connect to any data source

  • The Neumann platform connects to your data sources, whether they be databases, flat files or even Excel spreadsheets.
  • Our team of AI experts ‘clean’ the data and create an AI model which parses your data to generate business intelligence.

vizualize your data and take your automatic action

  • This intelligence can be vizualized in the Business Intelligence (BI) module.
  • Your staff are empowered through the dashboads in BI view to create and automate marketing campaigns which can target your customers via email, SMS or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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